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The Natural Lore Visionary

Nikki became immersed in creating unique cannabinoid formulas after being “directed” by the cannabis plant itself to remember Ancient Tonics and to further support this integrative field with a complimentary herbal tea range and other nutritional formulas. With many clients experiencing success and changes on multiple levels and collaborating with other inspiring cannabis advocates and wellness practitioners, these endeavors continue to grow, develop and evolve. As nature itself reminds us.

Nikki is also the inspiration behind the Natural Lore Practitioner Certification, and was key in developing the initial Cannabis Clinic processes in 2014.

As pioneers in Cannabis Care, we're on a mission to share what we've learned to enhance the lives of both people and planet.

Our mission is to engage in transformative communication in many areas and dimensions. By harnessing the life-enhancing potential of plant-medicine and honouring the synergy between humans and nature, the Lores of Nature act as a powerful invitation to explore this for yourself.

Living transformations through the Lores of Nature

As natural human beings, representative of all of humanity, it is our duty to embody Natural Lore and encourage others to live in compassion, care and collaboration.

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