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Life being lived through you, not by you 

Tea Blend: PURITY

The Natural Lore of Purity is a reminder that when the entity that you experience as a body, mind and soul is cleansed of toxic chemicals, beliefs, relationships, habits etc you are free to move with a sense of freedom and lightness, unbound by those things that weigh you down. Often we don’t even realise how light we really are - until we are cleansed of debilitating factors.

is not about waiting for something to happen.


The true energy of patience is to learn to rest - to simply rest deeply in oneself, regardless of what appears to be occurring. 

Patience invites you to dive deeply into nature itself.

Not nature as a species / plant / animal, but Nature itself. 

Element: TREES

Rather than reacting to a situation, patience invites you to rest in yourself to allow right action - or non-action - to flow through from this place of natural response. 

Deep in this resting as the nature that you truly are, there is also the opportunity to recognise that there is actually nothing outside of yourself that can enhance your own experience.

We often believe that by thinking, planning and strategising, we can find the right 'solution' to an issue. 

However, that action will still be tainted by beliefs and ideas of self and others which can lead to further issues. 

Patience resonates with the note C# - often referred to as the sound of Earth.

So, rather than think about it at all, simply rest deeply into it and allow. 

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